Going on a pub crawl with friends in Lancashire or even organised ones with groups, you are in for some fun. Here are some great tips for helping your pub crawl go to plan.

1. Make sure you have a plan set out

Your plan needs to be set out, so you know all the pubs in Lancashire you wish to visit and make a note of one pub you all end up in at the end of the night, this is useful for when you get drunk and lose friends.

2. Pace yourself

Don’t go to every bar thinking you’ve to drink more than your friends, It’s not a race, you can still have fun by pacing yourself!

3. Give yourself a time set in each bar

Rather than being in a rush set a time limit in a each pub/bar, that way you don’t get stuck in one place.

4. Give your friends space to chat to other people

Many people on pub crawls get stuck in a group and don’t actually interact with other people, don’t make this mistake, give your friends time to chat with others.

5. Have an exit plan

Make sure you always have a plan and coordinate a signal you can shoot across a crowded room to one another so you can all give each other a few minutes to say goodbye to people.

6. Don’t mix your drinks

Lots of people on pub crawls make this mistake of mixing drinks and end up twice as drunk and a lot of the time more hungover. Waking up with a terrible hangover is never a great thing!

7. Make sure you’ve local taxi numbers on hand

Always carry local taxi numbers, that way you are not stuck miles away from anything and nobody! We have all made the mistake of going to a new place and getting lost! If you have the name of your hotel or place you are staying, then with a local taxi firm, you can get back to your accommodation.