Keeping your kids entertained in and around Lancashire isn’t hard to do because you’ve plenty to see and do, It’s packed with great fun not just for kids but also the rest of the family. One of the wonderful things about Lancashire is, its a county in the North West of England, and that many of its attractions are really affordable. With plenty of accommodation choices available it makes for the ideal county to visit if you want somewhere that is going to keep everyone happy.

If you are after a great place full of fun activities and full of excitement to visit then you should check out Blackpool, which is nicknamed the “Las Vegas of England”. Blackpool is one of the most famous and popular seaside resorts in the United Kingdom, and when you look back at the generations of a family that have visited Blackpool and how the town now boasts some of the biggest and fastest rollercoasters in the world, you can see how Blackpool has become so popular. In Blackpool there are loads of things to do that will keep children entertained and happy – including the famous Blackpool tower which has a great Children’s play area!

In Blackpool there is also Blackpool Zoo and the Blackpool Ice Arena to be found, both cater to and are ideal for children of all ages. Blackpool Zoo even has a soft play centre, for small children which lets us parents get five minutes rest with a nice coffee and a slice of cake, whilst the children run around burning up some of their pent-up energy – perfect!

If Blackpool doesn’t interest you can always take your children to Farmer Parrs Animal World that is near Fleetwood. It’s lots of fun, a petting zoo your children will love, a working farm full of animals, a museum and even the chance to get involved in some pottery meaning there is something for everyone. Open all year round it is a fantastic place to visit if you want somewhere that you can take the whole family to.